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China tour packages are the full service of classic trips in China. China tour generally is further classified intro several big and different themes in accordance with different preference and requirement of travelers, mainly including China private tours, China group tours, China budget tours, China luxury tours, China themed tours, classic China tours, regional China tours and so on. Throughout the world, China is one of the largest countries and powers with a large territory, long history and great culture. Meanwhile, it also has a large number of top and unique travel resources. Different from western world, China has its own independent living world and thinking way. All of these shape a uniqueness and high value of China tours. In Mild China, China tour packages are the extension of east China trips. Focusing on Jiangnan tours, exemplified with Shanghai tours, Hangzhou tours, Suzhou tours, Nanjing tours and Huangshan tours, China tours are an important option for travelers who want to have a larger and longer tour beyond east China. The classic tour packages of China generally consist of several key city tours like Shanghai trip, Beijing trip, Xian trip, Guilin trip, Hong Kong trip, Hangzhou trip, Tibet trip, Yangtze River trip and so on. All of these city highlights together make China tours protrusive and impressive. For the first-time travelers, the most popular and classic itinerary is ranked No.1, which is always a tour of 11 days or so constituted by Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.(Details on China Tours and Tourism Industry)

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china tours
Beijing,Xian,Guilin and Shanghai Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Lijiang River . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
For most of tourists who firstly travel to China, this recommended tour is the best option. Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai respectively represent ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-01
11 Days, From 1100 $

classic china tours
Shanghai Xian Beijing Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Tang Dynasty Show . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
This is 9 days classic China tours highlighted with three biggest cities Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Three metropolitan centers in different regions of China ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-03
9 Days, From 1600 $

china tour packages
Beijing Xian Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Terracotta Warriors . West Lake . The Bund . Lingyin Temple . Yuyuan Garden ...
This is one of classic China tours including city tours of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. All of these cities are the typical China tourist destinations ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-04
12 Days, From 1109 $

beijing xian tours
Beijing Xian Tours
Forbidden City . Summer Palace . Great Wall . City Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Shaanxi History Museum ...
Beijing Xian tours are a highlighted ancient national capitals trip in China featuring the ancient imperial glories of China in the aspects of history and culture ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-02
6 Days, From 528 $

china tour packages
Yangtze River Cruise & Classic China Tours
Forbidden City . Terracotta Warriors . Li River . Three Gorges . Three Gorges Dam . Shanghai Museum ...
This is a 14 days classic China tour highlighted with a travel by luxury cruise to Yangtze River from Chongqing to Yichang, apart from the top destinations like Beijing ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-05
14 Days, From 2238 $

china history tour
Shanghai Zhengzhou Luoyang Xian Tour
Shaolin Temple . Terracotta Warriors . Longmen Grottoes . Baima Temple . Huaqing Hot Springs ...
This is a 5 days history tour of China starting from Shanghai. As a culture trip themed with the ancient capitals like Luoyang, Xian and Zhengzhou ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-06
5 Days, From 585 $

china history tour
Cheap Shanghai Nanjing Beijing Tour
Jin Mao Tower . Yuyuan Garden . Ming Xiaoling . Forbidden City . Great Wall . Summer Palace ...
This is a 7 days trip including Shanghai Nanjing and Beijing, three capital cities of China valued by their own unique travel highlights and significance ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-07
7 Days, From 452 $

china disabled tour
China Tour Package for Disabled Travelers
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Treasure Houses . Terracotta Warriors . The Bund . SWFC Tower ...
This is an 8 days China tour package including Beijing, Xian and Shanghai designed for disabled travelers. It is the epitome of China highlights in tourism ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-08
8 Days, From 659 $

shanghai chengdu chongqing lhasa beijing tour
Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing Lhasa Beijing Tour Package
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Potala Palace . Emei Mountain . The Bund . Panda Base . Yuyuan Garden ...
This is a 15 days budget but classic city tour of China including Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lhasa and Beijing. A great route to see an authentic China ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-09
15 Days, From --- $


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