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China has hundreds of cities in different sizes. Most of them belong to the small-size or middle-size cities, and are unknown in the world. However, objectively speaking, they are in possession of more and richer travel resources than some relatively famous cities. As China’s further development and integration with the international community, these cities will be gradually learnt and understood by more and more tourists overseas. Throughout the country, the top must-see tourist cities generally include Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Chengdu, Lhasa, and the cities along Yangtze River (Three Gorges Area) like Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing. Of course, there are also lots of unlisted but popular cities. They respectively have their own value for tourism. The cities in East China are the most typical representatives of China city. These cities are not so large as imagined. They are traditionally called water cities / towns with the classic ancient culture and heritage sites. The city tours of China we recommend is obviously different from those in other websites. City trips in many other sites, even some internationally leading travel portals, mainly means the single city tours, while it in Mild China is strongly featured of double city trip or intercity tours. All the travel products we professionally offer are starting from the central cities of East China represented by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. To be exact, China city tours as a highlighted part of China travel service is an important extension of east China tours. Superficially promoted in the name of the whole country, this type of trip still centers on the city experience and travel of East China, because East China tour service is the core of whole services we provide. On the other hand, the intercity tours we recommend are also for the sake of low travel cost and high travel value. What we support and list on the themed pages are mostly the budget tours. They are cheap and valuable. To ensure these trips we offer are affordable, the prices we give are a bit lower than these of other travel services with a precondition of the quality guarantee. (The Single City Tours of East China)

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shanghai beijing tour
Shanghai Beijing Tours
The Bund . Yuyuan Garden . Forbidden City . Great Wall . Temple of Heaven . Summer Palace ...
This is a 6 days intercity tour from Shanghai to Beijing by bullet train. It features two metropolises trip with different cultural tradition and development strategy ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-01
6 Days, From 728 $

shanghai hangzhou tour
Shanghai Hangzhou Tours
Yuyuan Garden . World Financial Center . The Bund . Lingyin Temple . West Lake . Wuzhen ...
5 days Shanghai Hangzhou tours by train is a classic double central city trips from Shanghai to Hangzhou plus Wuzhen water town. This is a much highlighted trip ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-04
5 Days, From 428 $

beijing shanghai tour
Classic Beijing Shanghai Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Temple of Heaven . Shanghai Museum . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
Beijing and Shanghai as the twins of top metropolises in China are the display windows showing the past glory and the current development of China ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-02
7 Days, From 1100 $

beijing xian tours
Beijing Xian Tours
Forbidden City . Summer Palace . Great Wall . City Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Shaanxi History Museum ...
Beijing Xian tours are a highlighted ancient national capitals trip in China featuring the ancient imperial glories of China in the aspects of history and culture ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-02
6 Days, From 528 $

shanghai tibet tour
Shanghai Lhasa Tours by Train
Yuyuan Garden . The Bund . Jinmao Tower . Nanjing Road . Potala Palace . Jokhang Monastery . Norbulingka ...
Tibet trip is a hot part of China tours. Shanghai Tibet tours by train are the classic itinerary for both Shanghai tour and Lhasa tour. It suits for first time travelers ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-03
8 Days, From 1237 $

shanghai suzhou tour
Shanghai Suzhou Tours
Yuyuan Garden . Zhuozheng Garden . Tiger Hill . The Bund . Shanghai Museum . Nanjing Road . Zhouzhuang ...
5 days Shanghai Suzhou Tours are a highlighted intercity tour in East China. Two cities with the high valued travel resources to show a real China deserve a tour ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-05
5 Days, From 418 $

shanghai huangshan tour
Shanghai Huangshan Tours
Yuyuan Garden . Qibao Old Town . The Bund . Shanghai Museum . Nanjing Road . Huangshan Mountain ...
4 days Shanghai huangshan tours are a metropolitan and countryside trip typically featuring the modern city life and traditional rural life of China ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-06
4 Days, From 388 $

shanghai zhangjiajie tours
Shanghai Zhangjiajie Tours
Zhangjiajie Forest Park . Tianzi Mountain . Avatar Hallelujah Mountain ...
4 days Shanghai Zhangjiajie tours deserve a try. Zhangjiajie park is famous worldwide as the location of movie Avatar, global geopark and world heritage site ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-07
4 Days, From 765 $

suzhou wuxi tours
Suzhou Wuxi Tours
Lingering Garden . Suzhou Museum . Silk Factory . Liyuan Garden . Taihu Lake . Tortoise Head Garden ...
4 days Suzhou Wuxi cutural gardens and sightseeing tours display a classic painting of nature and history. The value is not only from the lake but the sites we touch ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-08
4 Days, From 219 $

hangzhou huangshan tours
Hangzhou Huangshan Tours
Lingyin Temple . West Lake . Hefang Street . Huangshan Mountain . Xidi & Hongcun Villages . Tunxi Street ...
5 days Hangzhou Huangshan Tour is a cultural and sightseeing tour highlighted with world cultural heritage sites and picturesque natural & cultural landscapes ...
Tour NO. MC-CICT-09
5 Days, From 660 $


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