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Mild China is supported by China Yuandong International Travel Service Co., Ltd, a leading full service tour operator of Shanghai and Hangzhou. As an influential tourism brand designed and managed by a team of considerably experienced tour guides in east China, Mildchina is born to provide east China tours, English-speaking and French-speaking guide service, car & guide service, airport & port transfer service and customization service. East China tours centers on city tours of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Huangshan, and it can be specifically divided into city private tours, city group tours, and tour packages of east China. To travel is to experience, we aim to provide our clients a unique tour experience in east China through our guide's professional presentation. Our team of travel experts is looking forward to demonstrating the history, culture and customs of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and their surrounding cities and towns to all the travelers. ( More About Mild China )
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East China Tour Packages

East China is a top tourist destination of China, and the most developed part of mainland China as well. It centers on Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Huangshan. The most vivid highlights of this region are the traditional elite’s culture and history, gentleman’s lifestyle, aristocrat’s paradise, Chinese multicultural center, the cradle and base of Chinese people’s sense of democracy, equality and human rights. Nowadays, it is also the biggest showcase of Chinese achievements in globalization. For touching China, East China Tours are your first choice. Moreover, we also provide China Business Tours and China Cultural Activities to know this largest international metropolitan zone of the Far East...( More Budget Trips )

5 Days Classic Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou Tour - from 220 $
6 Days Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Tour - from 560 $
7 Days Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuzhen Tour - from 547 $
6 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Huangshan Tour - from 700 $
4 Days Culture Tour in East China - from 369 $
City Transfers Service

east china transfer service

We offer all-sided city transfer service in East China like port, airport, and intercity transfers to make business, travel and leisure easy (More)

Shanghai Port Transfers
Shanghai Airport Transfers
Suzhou Transfer Service
Hangzhou Transfer Service
Hangzhou Airport Transfers
Ticket Booking Service

ticket booking service

Ticket service for shows, sightseeing, destination entrances, trains & flights in East China are all included to keep the trip impressive (More)

Romance of Song Dynasty
Impression West Lake Show
Shanghai Acrobatics Show
Shanghai Ticketing Service
Hangzhou Ticketing Service
East China Hotels

east china hotels

Hotels in East China have the perfect facilities with the higher service and lower cost. We offer the selected and valued hotels to clients (More)

Hangzhou Hotels Reservation
JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou
Courtyard Marriott Hangzhou
SSAW Hotel Hubin Hangzhou
Fuchun Resort in Hangzhou

East China Travel Guide

East China traditionally known as Jiangnan (The South Yangtze River), is a quite poetic area for its culture & history. The forefather of East Chinese people was Tai Bo, whose tomb is located in Wuxi, another famous city in south Jiangsu province. He followed his father’s will to pass down the throne to his youngest brother, whose name was Ji Li, because his father foresaw the son of Ji Li was the saint that could save Zhou. Since then, Tai Bo secretly moved to Jiangnan. His great contribution and elegance became of the origin of long-standing tradition of Jiangnan, and the gene of local people. In brief, the history of east China represents the glory of ancient China, today's east China leads China's development, and the future of east China also dominates the tomorrow of China. It is the engine of Chinese reform and development. In politics, it also is full of superiority, three sequent presidents of modern China are all closely connected with this magic region. East China is also the most important and popular tourist destination of China to tourists overseas thanks to its best infrastructure, professional city management, internationalized service standard, world-class chains of hotels, top tourist resources and the glory of history... ( Attractions )

East China Destinations

east china travel guide

The travel destinations in East China mainly consists of Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan and other typical cities (More)

Downtown Shanghai
Downtown Hangzhou
Tourist Attractions in Zhenjiang
Tourist Attractions in Wenzhou
Tourist Attractions in Yangzhou
East China Attractions

east china tourist attractions

The tourist attractions of East China are highlighted with cultural and historic landscapes. They are unique and deserve a visit anytime (More)

Hangzhou East Railway Station
Hangzhou West Lake Tours
Anhui Normal University (WUHU)
Hengdian World Studios Jinhua
Nanxun Old Township in Huzhou
East China Culture

history and culture east china

The culture of East China is the elite culture which is a great tradition and history of philosophy, religion, art and lifestyle in ancient China (More)

A Master of Art: Dong Qichang
A Biography of Taoist Ge Hong
Painting:Dwelling in Mt.Fuchun
Biography of Huang Gongwang
Emperor Gaozong in Hangzhou

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